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iOS 11 and Android 8.0 Oreo App Icon Design Template

Sketch template for designing App Icons

Overview Designing an App Icon on an empty white page makes it difficult to see how it will look when found on the App Store or Google Play. You want your icon to stand out amongst the sea of co...

Hosting Multiple Websites on the same Server

Reverse Proxies with Nginx

Overview For setting up small projects you often find that a single server is sufficiently powerful to serve websites or services that are infrequently used. For setting up a single website on a s...

Putting projects where you want with Go

Screw you gopher, and your workspace!

Overview Since picking up Go I’ve been a bit resistant to some of its ways, particularly the way it manages projects. As someone who obsessively organises their projects into nicely-defined direct...

CrashCourse: React js from start to deployment

Up and running with React apps as fast as possible.

Overview A while ago I wanted to set up a web app with react. I had the idea but no experience using react, and wanted to get up and runnning as fast as possible. Knowing other languages and techn...

Classes and Events in node.js

Exporting classes, receiving events, emitting events.

Overview Since the release of ECMAScript 6 it is now possible to create classes in a more conventional object-oriented way. A previous method of creating ‘classes’ in Javascript was to define a fu...

iOS Expandable Table View Cells

Expanding TableView Cells using Cell insertion and deletion.

Overview The following is an implementation for creating an expanding TableView cell effect by insertion and deletion of cells. There’s many ways to create the appearance of expanding TableView...